Relaynet will help restore connectivity in regions where the Internet has been cut off due to natural or human causes.

Any Internet-based service that doesn’t require real-time communication can use Relaynet. For example, videoconferencing won’t work, but social media, money remittance and telehealth applications could use Relaynet.

As a user, you’d just install Relaynet and any compatible app on your device will use it – No upfront configuration or hardware purchase is required. Those apps will use the Internet when it’s available, and they’ll switch to a fallback medium when the Internet is unavailable. Learn more about using Relaynet.

If you provide an Internet-based service, you will be able to integrate Relaynet gradually in your software so that you can prioritize the functionality that should work without the Internet. You can also add Relaynet support to any third-party service that offers an API. Learn more about integrating Relaynet.

If you’re interested in restoring connectivity when the Internet is cut off, become a courier. Do it for profit, the greater good or both.

Relaynet is a decentralized technology with technical specifications publicly available and open source implementations. It was designed at Oxford and its development is now led by Relaycorp. The initial implementation will be completed by Q3 2020 with funding from the Open Technology Fund. Learn more about Relaynet.